What We Offer

Let’s agree that a marriage proposal is quite an exciting process. In this process, it is highly expectable that you will need a help from your friends, relatives or even professionals.

We are ready to make our services match your wishes. Consequently, from the several options, you can choose the one you want:

  1. We offer only the idea/scenario of a marriage proposal and a plan to organize it
  2. We offer the idea/scenario of a marriage proposal and help you to organize it
  3. We offer the idea/scenario of a marriage proposal and we fully organize it
  4. We modify/finalize your existing marriage proposal idea/scenario and you choose our service from the above listed options
  5. We fully organize or help you to organize marriage proposal based on your idea/scenario

Marriage proposal planning includes many details: from location selection to photo-video shooting and post production. You choose what you wish to have and we do it.

Most importantly, full confidentiality protected.

We know that this day belongs to you and your loved one and we just happened to be on the right place at the right time. Consequently, your loved one will never know that we had anything to do with this process. Therefore, all photo-video materials or inventory are made especially for you and remain your property.

The cost of our services depends entirely on your desire. Every proposal is individual and we can’t offer certain packages or calculations in advance. This is the case when our services have more emotional value than monetary and we assure you that the monetary value will be much less than the emotional value you and your loved one gets..

Please, consider that organizing a marriage proposal can often take quite a long time to prepare, so start planning now! Even if you are going to propose in few months or even after 1 year, it is not early to let us know about it. The sooner we know, the more things we can do for you.

If you still have questions, call us at: + 995 599 22 41 39 for a free consultation or write us on FACEBOOK.

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