About Us

We believe that marriage proposal can be more important in a couple’s life than a wedding day. This special moment can be more unforgettable than the wedding. You share a wedding with your friends and relatives and often you have to take into account their interests, sometimes you have to make compromises due to parents’ requests, traditions or other circumstances, on the contrary, marriage proposal is your personal, intimate and unforgettable memory, focused only on your wishes.

Stop searching for marriage proposal videos and ideas! Don’t try to share someone else’s experience! Marriage proposal is an individual and unique moment of your life.

Every proposal idea we offer is oriented to the couple relationship and the details of that relationship: what your loved one likes, what interests you both share, what unites you, what unique places you remember, what memories are important, and so on. Therefore, without your involvement, we will not have a pre-made proposal script and more information we receive from you, more we will be able to offer you a unique and customized marriage proposal scenario and make it happen.

Our team consists of experienced event managers who have been organizing various events for years. We have planned and organized music concerts (including foreign artists), sports events, seminars, workshops, team buildings, etc. Consequently, we own and have access to all the necessary resources and inventory to organize a marriage proposal.

Before we started organizing marriage proposal as a company activity, we had already arranged a number of surprises proposals for our friends. The demand for this “service” increased so much that we decided to turn it into a professional service and we did it quite successfully.

All our marriage proposal services are fully confidential due to the nature of this service, unless you wish to make it public. Therefore we do not have a public portfolio. We believe that our “intervention” in such a personal process for the couple is only supplementary and not decisive. Consequently, we always prefer to stay in shade.

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